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WirelessEdge offers a comprehensive lifecycle of consultancy services for the existing and new (WLAN) infrastructure.


WiFi Site Survey and Design

We Use The Latest Design Tools To Deliver A Reliable Design Right From The Start.

The first step toward getting the wireless network that meets your current business requirements is a site survey. The WiFi surveys’ primary function is to assess the Radio Frequency (RF) behavior in a specific environment, evaluate critical deployment considerations such as WiFi coverage, signal quality, access point locations, interference and network cabling requirements.

Here’s What We’ll Do for You

Wi-Fi Predictive Site Surveys(“Desktop Surveys”)_We’ll Help determine the AP Quantity and Placement For Your Wifi Network

Pre-Deployment Site Surveys_are performed using one or a couple of access points. The idea is to get an understanding of the Wi-Fi signal behavior in the environment before the network is purchased.

Post-Deployment Site Surveys (“Verification Surveys”)_are performed after the WLAN infrastructure has been set up.

WiFi Health Check_We Perform an audit of the current WLAN and give out recommendations. Usually followed by a new design


WiFi-access point -Installation

Wi-Fi Network Installation

Your Wireless Network Infrastructure must be deployed correctly for optimal performance. We can install, configure, and integrate your mobility system with your current network to make sure your network is firing on all cylinders. With over 100 deployments in South Africa, we have the experience and deployments strategy to services to get you up and running.

Here’s What We’ll Do for You

Network Cabling for Access Points– Pulling Cat5E or Cat6 cabling to the AP location, terminating and testing
Mounting Access Points– Installing access points on walls or ceilings
Rack and Stack– Physical installation of networking components: switches, controllers, and servers
Configuration and Integration Services-Ruckus wireless equipments setup and integration
Project Management– Project ownership: managing the physical deployment of access points, as well as the configuration and turn over of the complete wireless system


WiFi-Verification and optimisation

Verification and optimisation

Optimize Your WiFi and Save Time Managing It

WirelessEdge Wifi verification and Optimization Service monitors the performance and security of your network continuously, and it helps you build a high-performing network environment. Our experts validate your network to ensure that it meets the initial network design.

With all the information gathered from the verification survey, it is time to optimise.

The Wireless Optimisation Service takes the results from the Verification survey and performs the fine tuning that is required. Typically both services can be repeated until the maximum performance of the network has been achieved.


WiFi Support and managed service

WiFi Network Support

Unparalleled support for your wireless networks, from helpdesk support to same day failed hardware replacement

Now that your system is deployed, the focus turns to optimized performance and keeping up with industry changes and security risks. WiFi and networking are constantly evolving, but we can help you stay ahead of the curve. Our Support services were designed to keep your system current with the latest mobility and security standards so you can focus on your business.


Who We Are


Who We are?

WirelessEdge is a South African Wi-Fi consulting company. Our core mission is to deliver private business and public sector organisations the latest in cutting edge WiFi technology empowering them to benefit from the advantages of true mobility experience.

We offer a comprehensive lifecycle of consultancy service to support customers and partners who require the technical expertise of a wireless Specialist.


Single Line

Why Use WirelessEdge

We Specialized

Clients looking to enhance the quality of their Wireless network trust us to do our homework, conduct a wireless site survey and take all necessary steps to find a solution that meets their needs, fits their budget and exceeds their expectations

We Understand Your Business Needs

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all solution. We customize everything from agreements to network configurations to fit our clients’ unique needs

We’re driven by efficiency

We know that value is about much more than up-front costs. This is why we innovate, automate and invest to provide you with long- term returns.

We Know Our Strengths

Unlike competitors, we know when to say “no”. We only take on projects that align with our team’s talents.


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